Bone & Soft Tissue Growths are conditions where a lump grows from a person's bone or soft tissue, such as muscle, fat, or tendon. The vast majority of such growths are benign (non-cancerous).

Soft Tissue Growths

In general, Soft Tissue Growths are more common than Bone Growths. Many people seek medical attention after discovering a lump on their body. The most common lumps are Fat lumps (which can occur anywhere), Ganglions (commonly over wrist and foot), Fibromas (firm lumps) and Neuromas (nerve lumps). The vast majority of such lumps are benign, but they may cause pain, discomfort, or continue to grow. Surgical removal is the definitive way of treating such lumps.

Principles of Treatment

Of utmost importance is to diagnose with certainty whether the lump is benign or not. Diagnosis can be made from a combination of examination findings, MRI findings, and biopsy results. In the rare instance of the growth being a cancerous growth, treatment will require surgery with or without radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The most common situation where bone grows a cancerous lump is due to spread from a primary cancer (metastasis).

Bone Growths

Bone Growths are less common, and may also come to a person’s attention much later. Similar to soft tissue lumps, the vast majority are benign, and the most common include Exostosis (bone growths near joints), Bone Cyst (fluid-filled space within bone), and Enchondroma (cartilage growth within bone). However, benign bone growths may still cause problems, including pain and fractures.

Our expertise include:

  • Diagnosis by examination, MRI and Biopsy
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team Coordination
  • Surgery using intra-operative magnification and nerve stimulators
  • Reconstruction of soft tissue or bony defects
  • Radiotherapy and/or Chemotherapy