Resources for Medical Professionals

The following resources are meant for Medical Professionals, ie Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health Practitioners. Please contact our medical team ( if you wish to discuss any of the material here.

Knee Injection Viscosupplementation Technique

In this video, we demonstrate our step-by-step technique of performing Knee Viscosupplementation Injections. This was an instructional video produced for a webinar on 2nd June 2020 involving more than 250 Primary Care Physicians in Singapore and South-East Asia.

The demonstrated techniques are the Suprapatellar Approach and the Anterolateral Approach. The technique can be used by General Practitioners in their clinics. Please contact our medical team for further discussion.

Advanced Principles of Fracture and Trauma Treatment

This CME talk was given to General Practitioners in August 2019.


Distilling his years of experience treating complex trauma, Dr Ang discussed the following points:

1) Advanced principles of fracture treatment

2) The kind of activities a fractured limb is fit for, based on in-depth analysis of the mechanics of the fracture

3) The importance of controlled early mobilisation for fracture and tissue-healing

4) Deleterious effects of scar formation and permanent disabilities due to inter-tissue plane scarring.


The information contained within is intended for Medical Professionals only. Contact our medical team at if you have any queries.

Managing Joint Pain in Primary Care: The New Normal

This CME Webinar talk was given to about 160 local and ASEAN General Practitioners in May 2020.


Dr Ang discusses assessment and treatment of joint conditions using Tele-Consultation methods. 


The information contained within is intended for Medical Professionals only.